Our Approach

Cooperative Collaboration Compromising Consensus (CCCC) in state consciousness of flow for the attainment of one’s purposeful desires and wants through intent intentions.

The question is, are you intentional about being an achiever for success?

Life Coach & Mentoring ***

Life and Career Coaching – (Money Business Affairs, Wealth Building)

Money Answers All Things (MAAT)

Men and Women Issues

Marriage/Divorce Healing Heart Therapy

Conflict/ Relationship Therapy

Conscious and Effective Experiential Parenting & Training

Christian Life Counseling Therapy

Meditative Prayer Individual & Group Focus Healing (wholeness)

Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Training

Breathing Focus Circle Therapy

Energy Clearing Mindfulness Imaginative Action Therapy

*** “Non-behavior analytic is not supported by the BACB® credentials“***

Binah: Your Anchor & Support

You don’t have to face life circumstances and problems alone..! We can stand with you as your anchor to navigate through. And this too shall be as a life learning experience toward your success.  Your decision decides your: experience as an observer. Your Personal Success Therapist and Life Coach. Veterans support for trauma/PTSD with ABA behavior and ACT therapy.