Healing Shift Behaviors® Approach

Applied Behavioral Therapy and Interventions Approach to Adaptive Functional Independence and Individual Success:

Child, Adolescent, Adult: ABA Behavioral Therapy

  • Applied Behavior Analysis & Diagnostic Assessment
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • ABA Autism Disorders (ADHD/ADD/Asperger) Intervention
  • Self-Injurious-Aggressive ABA/BPS Treatment
  • Cognitive Neural Behavior Therapy
  • Academic Concept & Language Acquisition
  • Social, Emotional Behavioral Therapy
  • Personal Care Skills
  • Effective Parental ABA Experiential Training

Healing Begins with your taking Action

Your child, adolescent, adult loved-ones need not suffering any more from mental behavior illness…

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